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Offering services by highly trained and skilled dentists who care about helping you achieve your best oral health.


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Friendly Family Dentist In Saskatoon

We aim to make going to the dentist easy and fun for everyone!

Established in 1998 Kenderdine Dental has been providing exceptional oral care to the Saskatoon community for more than two decades. As a top rated dental clinic in Saskatoon we are committed to making every patient feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment they walk in. When you come into our dentist office, we want you to know that you're going to be treated with respect and compassion.

Our warm and friendly environment makes us an ideal place to get the medical treatment you deserve. At our clinic, we're passionate about providing comprehensive oral care with a gentle and personalized approach. We strive to ensure children, teens, and adults have an enjoyable and stress free appointment every time they visit.

Dentistry and Dental Care Services

We believe regular visits to the dentist help catch oral health issues before they become serious health concerns. Which is why we offer a comprehensive range of dentistry services including: routine exams, teeth cleaning, teeth filling, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, gum disease treatment, metal braces, same day dental crowns, snoring devices, fluoride treatment, tooth bonding, dental bridge, dental fillings, tooth extraction, porcelain veneers, chipped teeth, broken tooth repair, cosmetic dentistry, dental checkups, emergency dentist services, and more!


 Root Canal






 Oral Surgery

Dental Services

A Dentist Near Me That Cares

Kenderdine Dental offers quality care with a flexible approach. We base our care on a philosophy that respects your needs, so expect the same excellent dental care service each time you visit. We are committed to making sure that each patient who visits has a safe, friendly, and comfortable experience when they visit our dentist clinic. Our health care team comprises of highly skilled Saskatoon dentists, dental hygienists, and medical professionals with decades of experience.

We are always striving to use the latest innovative digital scanning and dental x-ray technology to help with restorative treatment such as crowns or bridges. It allows us to take highly accurate digital images so we can diagnose, track, forecast, and visualize the changes in your mouth. Our new dental 3D printer allows us to quickly and accurately produce models, mouth guards, night guards, sports guards, dentures, or surgical guides. State of the art equipment combined with a caring and compassionate team of dentists, hygienists, and dental care specialists play an important role in the quality of health care we provide.

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Our dental clinic offers convenient insurance billing, direct billing, weekend dentist office hours, as well as a commitment to providing excellent dental health services for patients of all age groups.

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Whether you're in need of a annual dental check up or a full-mouth restoration, our dental care specialists will help you achieve optimal oral health and the beautiful smile you deserve.

Our dental office is also accepting new patients, has evening hours, and is open on Saturday.

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